Types of Attributes

Types of Attributes:
  • Simple Attributes
  • Composite Attributes
  • Single Valued Attributes
  • Multi-valued Attributes
  • Stored Attributes
  • Derived Attributes
Simple Attributes
The attribute that cannot be further divided into smaller parts.
eg:- The “First Name”, “Last Name” and “Age” attributes of a person entity represent simple attributes.

Composite Attributes
Attribute that can be further divided into smaller units and each individual unit contains a specific meaning.
eg:- The “Name” attribute of an employee entity can be sub-divided into First Name, Last Name and Middle Name.

Single Valued Attributes
Attributes having a single value for a particular entity.
eg:- The “Age” is a single valued attribute of a student entity.

Multi-Valued Attributes
Attributes that have more than one values for a particular entity. Different entities may have different number of values for these kind of attributes.
eg:- The “Phone Number” for a person entity is a multi-valued attribute.

Stored Attributes
Attributes that are directly stored in the data base.
eg:- The “Birth Date” attribute of a person entity.

Derived Attributes
Attributes that are not stored directly but can be derived from stored attributes are called derived attributes.
eg:- The “Age” attribute can be derived from “Birth Date” and Current Date.