Conceptual Level

This level of abstraction describes what data are actually stored in the database. It also describes the relationships existing among data. At this level, the database is described logically in terms of simple data-structures. The users of this level are not concerned with how these logical data structures will be implemented at the physical level, rather they just are concerned about what information is to be kept in the database.
  • The sum total of DBMS users view.
  • Describes what data are actually stored in the database (ie,all the records and relationships included in the database).
  • The conceptual view is a representation of the entire information content of the database in a form that is some what abstract in comparison with the way in which the data is physically stored.
  • The conceptual view is defined by means of the conceptual schema, which includes the definition of each of the various types of conceptual records and the mapping between the conceptual schema and the internal schema.