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Object Oriented Programming - CPP

Tutorial contains the following contents:

Principles of Object Oriented Programming, Beginning with C++: Procedure Oriented Programming-Object Oriented Programming-Basic concepts of object-oriented programming- Benefits of OOP- Applications of OOP-A simple C++program-Structure of C++ program- C++ data types- Symbolic constants- Reference by variables-Operators in C++- Operator precedence- Control structures- Function in C++ - The main function, Function prototyping- Call by reference- Return by reference- Inline function- Default arguments- Function overloading.

Classes and Objects: Specifying a class- Defining member functions- Nesting of member functions - Private member functions - Arrays within a class - Memory allocation for objects-Static data members - Static member functions -Arrays of objects - objects as function arguments -Friendly functions- Returning Objects.

Constructers and Destructors, Overloading: Constructors- Default constructor-Parameterized constructor-Copy constructor- Multiple constructors- Constructors with default arguments- Dynamic constructor-Destructors- Operator overloading- Unary and Binary operator overloading- Overloading using friends- Rules for overloading- Type conversion.

Inheritance: Inheritance - Defining derived classes-Visibility modes-Single, Multilevel, Multiple, Hierarchical and Hybrid inheritance- Virtual base classes- Abstract classes- Constructors in derived classes- Nesting of classes.

Pointers, Virtual Functions and Polymorphism, Working with Files: Pointers- Pointers to objectsthis pointer-Pointers to derived classes- Virtual functions- Pure virtual functions- File Stream classes, Opening and closing a file- File opening modes- File pointers and their manipulations- Sequential input and output operations.